Rod Williams Plant Consultancy specialises in plant safety management only rather than cover the full ambient of issues that are related to OH&S.

Plant safety audits for plant, & associated work systems
Plant hazard identification
Risk assessment & prioritisation
Risk control options & solutions
Engineering design modifications & solutions
Accident and incident investigations
Developing your understanding of plant safety responsibilities
Development of safe work, operating & maintenance practices
Safe plant procurement

Each plant safety audit includes the required consideration of:

hazards of the plant & machines
associated systems of work (eg, materials handling, work layout, maintenance & training)
practical aspects (costs of eliminating the hazard balanced against the severity of risks and the availability of controls)

Rod Williams Plant Consultancy has expertise with many plant types:

Most industrial plant
Mobile & earthmoving plant & vehicles
Lifting, conveying & materials handling equipment



Some reasons for using this plant safety service include:

Effectively you need to identify your plant hazards then manage the hazards and associated risks.

The regulations are performance based with no strict guidance or controls but they do provide greater flexibility & allowance for practicality (of which costs is only part of).